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About Ridelines Adventures

Damo after simposon crash.jpg

My name is Damo. I'm a descendent of the Yorta Yorta people (around Shepperton and Barmah in Victoria).  As you can see I'm ruggedly handsome - maybe with an emphasis on rugged.  This pic was taken after a small tip I had while crossing the Simpson Dessert in 2017.  


I spent a large part of my life living on the edge of the Royal National Park near Sydney - which is also where I learnt to ride a bike at the age of 4 years old.  I've been riding most of my life. I've travelled 24 countries on my motorbike and ridden all types of terrain.


For me, the best part of Adventure riding is meeting new people, trying new foods, sampling the local brew.  The most exciting way to experience that adventure is on a bike ride...I love the ride.


At Ridelines Adventures, we develop, lead and support the most amazing adventure rides in Australia.  Across all parts of Australia.  In addition, we are the only motorcycle tour company in Australia that engage deeply and appropriately with the traditional custodians of the lands we ride on.  We strive to ensure you enjoy the ride - and the non-riding elements of our tours.  Learn about cultures of the Indigenous communities we visit.  Experience the ancient and pristine cultures.  See the most amazing natural wonder in the world.  

Most importantly, Learn About The Land you Ride On!


All our rides a guided and supported with back up vehicles or sweep ride. I have qualifications in First Aid, Remote Area First Aid and Mental Health First Aid.

All our tours deliver the best and most interesting rides and most tours also revolve around an event - whether it be the MotoGP, an Indigenous Festival or an adventure ride meet.  Have a look through our site and make contact if you'd like more info or to register for a ride.

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