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Back to Country Ride

Yengo National Park and Surrounds

Stay on-country at Aunty Leanne's property- Learn about the land you ride and the land you stay on!  

One camping spot - many tracks!

Aunty Leanne's property is situated in the bush just out of Wollombi, which has been an important meeting place for surrounding Aboriginal tribes since that land was inhabited.  It was a place for trade, ceremony and sharing stories - and that is what we will do. 


Sleeping arrangements are similar to camping - we'll stay in an old wooden shed on
Aunty Leanne's property.  A mattress on the floor can be provide, or feel free to bring your own camping-cot or air-mattress.  Camping kit can be provided on request.










This tour will start in Rouse Hill, on the land of the Dharag mob of the Eora Nation.  We will start the first day by sitting down with the mob at the Muru Mittigar Cultural Centre, who'll greet us with a smoking ceremony (traditionally used to cleanse and protect us).  They'll also provide an interesting talk on Indigenous cultural history in Australia, and finally teach us about the different types of boomerang and how to properly throw them.

The first-day's ride will include a good mix of on and off-road.  Some fantastically slippery stuff and wonderful views.  We'll stop at Wisemans Ferry for lunch - at the pub.  At the end of the day we will enter Aunty Leanne's property -  a steep ride in itself.  We'll park-up about one kilometre from the camp-site and walk on to the land.  Aunty Leanne and Uncle Phil will guide us on the land and talk us through the site and what will happen.


The second day we'll lower the tyre pressure as we'll be almost exclusively off-road!  Woot Woot!!  There'll be a little bit of tar, but mostly tracks - some very rocky and rough, some sandy and slippery.  It will be a big day with a lot of kms - so bring a hydro pack and some snacks.

The third and final day of riding will take in some of the most spectacular views and fun riding of the trip.  Aunty Leanne and Uncle Phil will provide a guided tour of some of the amazing rock carvings in Yengo National Park and ride through the lower part of the Yengo National Park.  Its an adventure-riders paradise out there. The tracks are newly graded and fun - way fun!  We'll stop for lunch at Wiseman's Ferry before heading back on to tight, twisty, slippery dirt tracks, ending the day at Rouse Hill.  

Maximum 20 riders only on this tour - so get in quick! 


  • Accommodation for two nights (1 and 2 March)

  •  Included meals

    : Dinner on day 1 and 2; lunch on day 2; breakfast on day 2 and 3

  • Briefings by Traditional Custodians including Aunty Leanne and Uncle Phil - along with a few others who will give their personal experience of being Aboriginal in today's society – learn about their culture, the history of their people and places – learn about the land you ride on! Cultural events will be held in the mornings and evenings with most of the day for riding

  • Includes an optional cultural awareness brief on the first morning over a coffee
    i.e. why you shouldn't look an Aboriginal person in the eye.; how to give an Acknowledgement of Country - ask any questions you want!

  • This ride comes with a sweep rider only - but there will be an on-call support vehicle as backup in case a bike needs rescuing.  The sweep will have a full remote area medical kit, plus the training to use it; extra water and some sugary snacks just in case.
  • Leave your panniers/baggage at the campsite for day two ride.


  • A truly great 3-day ride!!


  • Motorcycles are available for hire – price on request.

Rider Requirements:

  • This ride is suitable for intermediate and experienced riders.  Parts of the ride may be a challenge for new Adv riders.  I'm happy to chat to you about your experience and level if you are keen and have questions - call me on the contacts below

  • We will provide tips and encouragement - or support - if desired
    That said, we are NOT riding instructors

  • A good level or rider fitness - it may be challenging weather so ability to ride all day in any conditions will be important  

  • Knowledge of the "Corner-man System" will be useful - this system is used throughout the tour and all of Ridelines Adventures tours - you will be briefed so don't worry if you haven't used it yet


  • All riders must have comprehensive medical insurance

  • All riders must have motorcycle insurance, including third party property and personal damage. Coverage for remote area vehicle recovery is highly recommended, though we will do what we can to help

  • Riders should bring a basic tool-kit and tyre repair kit / spare tubes.

  • A hydro-pack or day-back with plenty of water and snacks.

  • A strong sense of adventure and fun.

Not included:

  • Fuel

  • Lunch on day 1 and 3, snacks and drinks on all days

RA Team for this tour:

Damo - Sweep - Owner Operator of Ridelines Adventures (see About page)

Bretto - Guide/Lead Rider - Bretto is a legend on the bike and in a 4x4.  He is knowledgeable, kind, funny, will do anything to help and get the job done. If Wikipedia have a photo of "the great Aussie gentleman"; it would be a picture of Bretto.

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Price: $750 - no signal accommodations available - unless you bring a tent

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